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Seventy 8 Atlantic crossing

The motor yacht catamaran lagoon seventy 8 atlantic crossing logbook

The Lagoon crew of the Seventy 8 nº1 tells about the transatlantic, starting from Cannes to Las Palmas at Gran Canaria, to Antigua at Caribbean.

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catamaran lagoon seventy 8 atlantic crossing

Once we reached Las Palmas, the real adventure started: we got full tanks and foodstuffs to be ready for the challenge. And that’s how the whole adventure began!…

…With 5 members in the crew, each watch moved up from 2 hours every 10 hours rotation. The switching between watches lasted 5 or 10 minutes, except for particular case.

…After 12 days, and 18 hours at sea, we reached Antigua. It was the occasion to get full tanks and to enjoy a swim into the Caribbean Sea. The rest did not last long, because the SEVENTY 8 had to be exhibited at the boat show of Fort Lauderdale.

…These last nautical miles allowed us to assess the crossing. Between Las Palmas and Antigua, we had 2,800 nm (or 5,185 km) to sail. For the 11 days of the crossing, our average speed was about 8.5 kt. The boat’s consumption was about 11 liters per engine and per hour. Amazing figures with an amazing boat!