Vittorio and Camillo Garroni, renowned Italian naval designers, and Prestige Yachts team, have combined they talent to create an exceptional motor yacht. The hulls has been specially designed for a pod propulsion system and the joystick makes easy handling the vessel for the users.
Prestige Motor Yachts are powered by Volvo and Cummins engines with pod propulsion systems witch limit the noise and vibrations and improve the fuel efficiency by 20%.
Prestige Yachts will take you to discover new horizons.
Prestige Lines:
Coupe line; Prestige 420 S, Prestige 460 S, Prestige 500 S, Prestige 520 S, Prestige 560 S
Flybridge line; Prestige 420, Prestige 450, Prestige 460, Prestige 500, Prestige 520, Prestige 560
Yacht Division; Prestige 620 S, Prestige 630, Prestige 630 S, Prestige 680 S, Prestige 680, Prestige 750