Lagoon Catamarans

The Naval Architecture

Avant-garde, design, constant innovations, technical choices to serve performances, comfort at sea, space, safety, reality…

Catamaran Lagoon 42

The leaders and often award for multihull yacht design and the most highly qualified in the world for multi hull racing boats, the naval Architects Van Peteghem and Lauriot Prevost (VPLP) are the designer of the Lagoon Catamaran range.

Their unrivalled experience enables them to transfer their know how to the cruising catamaran providing seafaring features primarily.

The brand is the world leader in sailing catamarans and keeps developing the offer to satisfy all your expectations with a range of boats from 12 meters to 24 meters.

The fourth Lagoon generation is already on the way and it will be a pleasure to keep you informed and follow you with your Lagoon project.

Lagoon Seventy 8


Lagoon catamarans are naturally generous. They provide spacious and convivial living areas, enabling free circulation between interior and exterior, while integrating luminous cabins.

“Lagoon gives priority to life on board”, explains Marc Van Peteghem, the creator along with Vincent Lauriot-Prévost of the naval architecture design office, internationally renowned for its multihulls, VPLP. “Each Lagoon must be different, while belonging to the same family. We endeavour to maintain this feeling of coherence and harmony, when sailing on board a Lagoon. Additionally, as our DNA inclines us to draw seaworthy, safe boats, we strive to reach high, even very high performance levels.”


Cata Lagoon


“VPLP Design is awesome. Their knowledge of multihulls is phenomenal and their experience unique. I believe they are the best”, states Martina Torrini, Lagoon general project manager. “With them, we can develop ideas concretely.” VPLP was first a duo that had graduated from the Southampton University of Naval Architecture. It was in 1983 that Vincent Lauriot-Prévost and Marc Van Peteghem initially joined forces to design their first trimaran, already equipped with foils.

Forward-thinking! A year later, in 1984, Marc and Vincent won an award for a small competition. They conceived a 55 foot cruising catamaran. Four units were sold based on the architectural plans: it was the beginning of the Lagoon saga. With a flying start, VPLP continued to harvest success – such as BMW Oracle, the 2010 winner of the 33rd America’s Cup – and remains Lagoon’s exclusive architect. “As I see it, the relationship with the elements is very important, such as lighting and circulation on board”, explains Marc Van Peteghem. “The wonderful thing about a sailing boat is that it enables a reappropriation of time. When sailing, the journey is as important as the destination.” In the last few years, the word Design has been added to VPLP, with the arrival of Patrick le Quément. This living legend of the automotive design industry has rewritten his career, transformed his creativity to focus on the style of sailing boats. The Lagoon 42 and the Seventy 7 are notably, the result of this symbiosis, which continues to be promising.