NC 11

length: 11ft


Designed by Garroni and Premorel Concept, the NC11 is a totally new take on space and life aboard.

Contemporary elegance is complemented by total transparency and seamless space. The modular internal features are restrained and comfortable: cabins, huge bathroom, saloon, storage…and more. Sterndrive transmission and carefully-chosen engine power are responsible design features. A sophisticated product that will appeal to true connoisseurs.

A panoramic view and a fully equipped helm station make coastal cruising easy and enjoyable. Z-drive twin engines make it even better. Bright natural lighting and excellent ventilation bring you closer to the elements.

Eslora total 11.15 m / 36’6″
Eslora de casco 10.55 m / 34’7″
Manga de casco 3.74 m / 12’3″
Desplazamiento en rosca 5925 kg / 13062 lbs
Calado 1 m / 3’3″
Capacidad carburante 720 L / 190 Gal
  375 L / 99 Gal (Volvo D6 330 DP)
Capacidad agua 250 L / 66 Gal
Cabinas 2
Motorización Volvo 2 x D3 200 DP (2 x 200 CV/HP)
  Volvo D6 330DP (330 CV/HP)
Categoría CE B-10 / C-10 (B-8 / C-10 Volvo D6 330 DP)